Tops Trends In Retail Packaging Design For 2021

Custom packaging is one of the most impressive ways to give impress your customers about your business. The best thing about retail packaging design is that it gives you the liberty to use logos, designs, patterns, and colors in any way you want to formulate a packaging design that stands out.

Still, you are going to have to pay attention to what your customers would want to see. That said, we are now going to discuss top trends in retail packaging design for the year 2021.

Ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce packaging has become quite popular in recent years, and it is set to gain more popularity in the coming years. The global pandemic has been another reason for e-commerce becoming a more popular option for consumers. In such a scenario, brands must pay attention to e-commerce packaging. This packaging is generally rich in colors with several details and patterns.

Cohesive packaging and product design

Consistency in packaging is quite necessary to make your product instantly recognizable. The top benefit of cohesive packaging and product design is that it makes your product and brand more trustworthy among your audience. You can use this feature to build brand loyalty and create hype every time before launching a new product.

Reusable packaging

Tossing a beautiful product packaging after opening is a saddening moment for any customer. It usually happens when the packaging becomes unusable. You can develop a product packaging design that supports reusability, which means that your customers will want to keep the product packaging for other household or d├ęcor purposes. It is up to you to brainstorm and find ways to make your product packaging reusable.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability sourced packaging has become a point of attraction for both customers and retailers. Amazon, Wal-Mart, and many other retailers have made the use of sustainable packaging mandatory to reduce packaging wastes. The digitally printed packaging has made room for LED technologies to come into action. These procedures require less ink usage compared to other forms of printed packaging. It has essentially eliminated the need for printing plates.

Storyteller packaging

With influencers and retailers openly supporting products and brands, and consumers discussing product designs and patterns over different mediums, it has become more necessary than ever for brands to create packaging designs that convey their willingness to make the world a better place. That said, you will have to make sure that your product packaging can speak on behalf of your brand.

Bright and floral patterns

If you want to make your product packaging pop, you are going to have to take help from vibrant colors and patterns. You are going to need these designs if your product falls into the category of cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, or candles. These products often use bright floral patterns.


Minimalism is one of the great trends in recent times. This concept has also influenced product packaging. You can use simple graphics and logos to tell your brand story. In most cases, the characteristic of your packaging design being minimalist describes your brand and product.

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